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Спектр шума

Добавлено: 06 дек 2015, 12:57

Ссылка на отчет со справочным материалом в качестве примера: http://reference-audio-analyzer.pro/report/dac/hidizs-ap-100.php#rw21

В теме обсуждаются предложения по улучшению справки у графика.
Опечатки, более понятное построение фраз, непонятные моменты и т.п.

Re: Спектр шума

Добавлено: 08 ноя 2016, 08:41
Hello, I've been watching your website for months now, Thanks for all the useful information guys. However I would like to ask, Why don't you guys publish SNR measurements in both "headphone amplifier" and "DAC"?

That's usually published in dBV/dBU or just uVrms. (0 dBFS works since you guys spec the output voltage at 0 dBFS/max output voltage).

The plain noise floor really doesn't help much, for example with a well measured SNR (with a reference) you can calculate if you're going to hear hiss with any pair of headphones by checking their required voltage(Or power) to reach a "X" SPL.

This can't be done with the plain noise floor, since SNR is equal to the sum of all the noise floor. And I'm not very sure of how to calculate SNR from noise floor.

Hopefully this image helps: Изображение

Finally, sorry if this post shouldn't go here.

Re: Спектр шума

Добавлено: 08 ноя 2016, 16:59
Noise Floor Level depends from the FFT Window function and reduced sensitivity for the ADC amplitude. FFT Window function makes the Noise Floor Level lower. Reduced sensitivity – higher level of Noise Floor. Many unknowns to calculate.

It may be a separate test for the measurement of background noise for amplifier.