Superlux Headphones

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Superlux Headphones

Сообщение iHack13 » 19 дек 2016, 20:38


I am using Sennheiser HD 212 Pro and bought a new pair of headphones Presonus HD7 based on some Superlux HD681 afaik. These headphones offer insane, really insane audio quality for the money. Why don't you test Superlux Headphones? The guys from really praise the headphones . In fact they say that the HD 662 Evo is the best affordable Headphone right now.

kind regards from germany

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Re: Superlux Headphones

Сообщение Samueru » 20 дек 2016, 04:02


Though you can already find the 668s and 681s here:

But yes, I would love to see several superluxes here.
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Re: Superlux Headphones

Сообщение romanrex » 21 дек 2016, 08:35

If possible, we will measure Superlux.
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Re: Superlux Headphones

Сообщение iHack13 » 21 дек 2016, 13:05

I forgot to mention that these are good for the price but to get the most out of it you have to modify them. This is especially the case for the HD681 series, since it needs a high pass filter.
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Superlux Headphones

Сообщение Kallapser » 10 май 2017, 18:06

Now, the question in my mind is, can a Superlux compare with an audiophile brands budget-end of their product line?
If yesmaybe better, I think Superlux is on the right track and giving people what they paid for.

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